The Boat | July 27, 2012

Meet Ashling, our 35ft cruising yacht which will be our home for the next year

Built in France in 1982, she weighs 11 tons and is a slow but strong boat. She holds 635 litres of water and 270 litres of fuel for the 50hp engine. 

Ashling has already provided us with many hours and days of adventures since we purchased her in Opua, New Zealand in June 2011. Over the next year we are embarking on a sailing adventure from Auckland, New Zealand to Co. Mayo, Ireland via the Panama Canal. 

Click on the following link to take a video tour around Ashling and get an idea of what our life will be like onboard over the next 12 months:


  1. Great tour Eithne. Very comprehensive. I like the idea about labelling the cans. Good sense.

  2. I also like the idea of labelling the cans, I might do that in my house just in case they get wet some other way. God forbid! Up Galway