Crossing the invisible line | November 28, 2012

Position: 00°22'N, 137°29'W

At 0600 on Wednesday 28 November Ashling and her two crew crossed the
equator in the middle of nowhere. The sterile GPS system didn't blink.
One second it was 00°00.01'S, the next 00°00.01'N and counting.

However the crew made up for this with the required Equator-crossing
ceremony, swigging shots of gin, eating sour fruit and throwing
perfectly good, treasured chocolate overboard while calling out
greetings to appease the Gods of the Sea. All wrapped up in pirate hats
and a rather stylish mankini - you boys at Broadcast Map have a lot to
answer for! Photos may be provided to the highest bidder :)


  1. Congrats on your crossing another milestone down. Dont know that I'm looking forward to seeing the mankini shots though! Great to hear of your progress and fair winds to you.

  2. Aaah! Finally have time to catch up with the most adventurous irish crew and the funniest writer. It's been a while and I can see everyday you move quite a bit. As opposed to being stuck in a chair at work... your adventure sounds far more interesting!