Dear Santa | December 23, 2012

Position: 05°13'N, 109°25'W

Dear Santa,

Greetings from the Pacific Ocean.

It's been quite a while since we've been in touch but then, this is no
ordinary Christmas and no ordinary wishlist.

We've been a good girl and boy this year, working hard on land and at
sea for our big adventure. There have been many ups and downs but
overall our trip has already delivered the hugely rewarding and life
changing experience we expected. We've just had a tough few days,
dealing with foresail and engine issues but we're back on track now and
getting nearer to Panama every day.

For Christmas this year, we would like your help as we make it to dry
land over the next 2-3 weeks:
• 15-20 knot southerly or westerly winds
• A 1-2 knot east setting current
• A helping hand for the new headsail arrangement that we put in place
this week
• An end to the strange seaweed growing on the hull and in the engine
water intake
• A calm hour on Christmas Day so we can bake our last Frey Bento's
Chicken & Mushroom pie and a Betty Crocker's Instant Chocolate Cake
• A fish on the line

And if there's room for a surprise after all that, make it a good one
please :)

Hope you are all set for your own travels on Monday night. We'll be
keeping an eye out for you on the night watch so feel free to pop in to
join us for milk and cookies, or something stronger.

Bon voyage and Merry Christmas!

Myles, Eithne & Ashling


  1. Merry Xmas to you 3. No doubt you've been good this year, so I'm sure Santa will be kind to you this week :-)

  2. Merry Xmas
    Its been great reading about your adventures.
    Be safe and hope you get a fish soon.

  3. Merry Christmas Myles, Eithne & Aisling!! Here's hoping Santa hears your requests and provides xxx

  4. Happy Christmas to you three!! X

  5. Hey there from your Newfoundland( living in the U.S ) relatives. We have have enjoyed reading about your adventures at sea and would love to welcome you to spend time here in New Hampshire when you head up the east coast. We have lots or room for our wayward cousins. We only have eighteen miles of shoreline but with your fine navigation skills we are sure you will be able to find us. Safe sailing.
    Patrick, Helen, Matthew, Andrew, Tim, Thomas and Maggie Heneghan
    Happy New Year.

  6. We are following your epic voyage with great interest. Happy New Year to you both and may 2013 send you fair winds and happy landings.
    Warm regards
    The Swinford Sweeneys