Photos from the Pacific | January 27, 2013

Crossing the Equator

Smiles on board for Christmas

Santa came to Sweeney!

Chocolate cakes on Christmas Day
First Mate gets sewing while the 'chute gets sailing

Raising the Panama flag

Our first friends in Panama

Under tow from the Panama Coastguard/Navy

Two happy campers en route to dry land
On dry land, at last!

Panama City, here we come


  1. Guys - you are legends - loving the updates, wonder who will play you in the movie about all this .... some thicket for Myles of course :-) I am seriously blown away by your adventures and think often of how you are getting on from my dull desk .... keep on sailing and having some wonderful adventures!

  2. My aren't those Panama Coastguard fellows strapping lads!
    Eithne, looking fab in that white dress - ooh la la xoxo

  3. Amazing, amazing, amazing! With your permission, I was thinking that with your story being such an amazing story, can I send it to the Irish times for publication? I said I would have the red carpet ready for ye when ye come home and I will!