Off the coast of Kerry | July 12, 2013

Position: 52°30'N, 15°34'W

The Atlantic ocean continues to surprise us with light winds and even
becalmed conditions this week. On Tuesday we drifted through dense fog,
peering ahead into the mist with just half a mile of visibility,
half-expecting a ghost island or ship to appear at any moment.

The sun returned on Wednesday morning, along with a pod of about thirty
pilot whales as we changed over watch at 4am. Within minutes they
surrounded the boat, their bulbous heads surfacing every few minutes for
air. However unlike Mr Minke, there was no need to deter these
fascinating mammals as the largest of them measured just 3m long. They
stayed with us for a few hours, their calls and cries reverberating
through the hull of the boat and leading the First Mate to confirm that
whale song is not quite as therapeutic as it sounds!

We are currently level with Tralee, albeit 200 miles offshore, and still
on track to arrive at Old Head on Sunday evening. At this stage we
estimate to arrive sometime between 6pm and 9pm. Check the blog on
Sunday for a more precise time.


  1. Oh my goodness, sooooooo exciting!!! Hope you still have a stash of bubbly or vino you can crack out to celebrate your last hours of this epic voyage. BTW Eithne, you are not allowed stop writing once you hit land, we NEED your updates, even if you're telling us what you bought at the shops. Love your writing!!!

  2. Skipper, be sure that you and the First Mate keep your eyes peeled for the SS Patna, which may emerge at any moment through the mists. Flag her down and check to see if my sister's cargo is still on board. If so, bring it with you to Old Head and I'll get it back to North America for delivery.
    Well done you two!! We can't wait to celebrate your arrival with you and the shore support team.
    Paddy & Helen

  3. Enjoy every minute of your homecoming. Another highlight in the most amazing year. Can't wait to read about it and better still, hear first hand when you get back to NZ. Jill and Lats