Thank You | August 6, 2013

Words or gifts don’t even come close to expressing how thankful we are for the support, assistance and encouragement of so many people over the past year. There may have been a crew of two on board Ashling but we took great comfort from the hundreds of people around the world who were sailing with us in spirit. 

Since Day One at sea, so many people went above and beyond to help us achieve our goal, and we are honoured to call ourselves your friends:

  • To those who followed our blog religiously, encouraging us from afar and buoying our spirits through supportive emails and blog comments.
  • To those who put a roof over our heads, a comfortable bed under our backs and some good home cooking in our stomachs.
  • To all the sailors we met along our journey who welcomed us into their hearts and their homes, on land and at sea. 
  • To the thoughtful friends in Auckland who loaded us up with wrapped gifts to entertain us along our way.
  • To those who flew hundreds of miles to meet us along our adventure, giving us an excuse to take time out and take a holiday.
  • To those who took the time and effort to capture our adventure in poetry and on film.
  • To those who have helped us by providing skills and shelter for Ashling since our arrival in Ireland. 
In true sailor fashion, we promise to ‘pay it forward’ by extending the same open arms and hearts to people we meet further down the road. 

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